Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Beating Boston...Finally

First off, because I'll admit I'm bias, congrats to Joe Mauer on being honored with the A.L. Player of the week. With a batting average of .458 and 4 home runs in the last week, it's hard to not honor him with something. The power he is putting up is amazing.

Now I'm not saying this to be cruel because it's not nice to wish anyone end up hurt, but Ryan Braun was pulled from Milwaukee's game tonight after being hit by a pitch. Now doesn't that sound familiar? I guess what goes around comes around, yes?

It was nice to see the Twins get back to the small ball tonight (with a little long ball thrown in for good measure, thank you Justin). Stealing bases, bunting, etc. LNP amazing performance tonight as well. I think this team has surprised quite a few people this year with the number of home runs they have been hitting, so it was a nice reminder that we can play small ball too.

Blackie. His performance tonight was a beautiful thing, or perhaps it was just him that was beautiful, anyway. It's nice to see our starting pitchers start to find their way again and make it 7 or 8 innings before we have to make the call to the bull pen.

Now for the real reason of tonight's post, Delmon Young. He is a young man with tremendous talent, I'm just beginning to wonder where that talent has gone this year offensive-wise. He made an incredible defensive play tonight so I'm not knocking him there and I know he's had a lot going on with the death of his mother. I know in time it will all come rushing back and he'll be hitting that ball like there is no tomorrow. Part of me just hopes it comes sooner rather then later.

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