Thursday, May 28, 2009

On the road again...

Though it might be a small road trip and then we are back home, for 3 days, I strongly feel this road trip could show us what we are going to look like for the month of June. It worries me a little because we are the worst team in the AL right now as far as road games go, I think we're 5-24 or something like that.

I know Tampa has been in a slump right now and with both Bartlett and Iwamura on the disabled list perhaps this will help the team out a little. I am a little sad though because I was looking forward to seeing Jason on this road trip, especially since it's the last time we see Tampa. We'll at least get to see Matt. I really wonder if the trade was worth it to get Delmon here. I think it would have been best to keep those two boys. Besides, it makes me miss the piranhas!

Which brings me to the schedule. Is it really necessary for the team to see the White Sox eighteen times this season? We couldn't have split that up between some other teams, like Tampa? Is someone just wanting to rub last season in our faces or what? I realize it's our biggest rival, but still, come on people, it would be nice to see some other teams.

While watching the news tonight they interviewed Red-Dog and his interview made me LOL I was curious to know what he said to the Ump to get ejected outta the game so fast today and he was just trying to prove he tagged the guy and the next thing he knew he was gone. He looked at the ump and said, "Did you just throw me out?" He couldn't believe it. To be honest, neither could I.

But we put this series behind us and focus on the long month of June ahead and putting our "dome magic" to work on the road.


Kimberly said...

I'm glad we took the last game. Even better with everyone saying they wouldn't win. Take that!! XD

Katie said...

*pounces* Kimmie!

I just think we won the last game against Garza. I miss him. I miss Jason. I miss the Twins from '07.

Kimberly said...

I'm slow but I told you I wanted to leave some love!! ♥