Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Taste The Rainbow

I have to laugh for just a second. For something that started off just as a joke and a dare between a few of us in the blog community last season, it has turned into a big deal this season. Most of you will be able to guess what I'm talking about by the title of today's blog, but last night after Cuddy's 3 run blast to left field, I got 5 text messages from friends all saying the same thing: "Skittles!". I do feel bad because I'm not even sure the exact number in the Skittle count and I'm sure that even if he did end up in the negatives at the end of the season, I'm sure I'll give him something anyway (maybe).

My mom has even been joking with it saying "Forget M&M's it's all about the Skittles". I'm glad everyone is having a good time with this whole thing. Seems to make the season a little more fun :)

I will admit last nights game combined with the game from Sunday pretty much made me go "Joe who?" Wilson Ramos is on fire right now. I realize it's only been two games, but to be on point like he has in only two starts is not something you see every day. I understand Joe is still our number one guy and I do still have a soft spot for Drew (meeting him only seemed to help that a little). I'm starting to wonder why they didn't bring Ramos up with the team out of camp? Even Justin said he seemed to be on point during spring training.

There are just some things this team does that I will never begin to understand.

Also I would like to wish Kevin Slowey a very happy 26th birthday :)

Tonight we welcome back Nick Blackburn (1-1) from the bereavement list as he faces Dontrelle Willis (1-1) and the Detroit Tigers.

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I'm the Mr.Skittles